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September 23rd, 2011

Hiking Adventure Holidays at Jimena De LA Frontera

The town of Jimena lies 20km north of Castellar via the A369. Jimena de la Frontera is a hill town that is larger and more open than Castellar with an impressive Moorish castle sporting its entrance with a triple gateway.

Convenient Amenities

You can get by at Jimena easily with the necessary amenities offered. There exists several bars and a lovely albeit old fonda that is without sign. You can view old castles like the Casa Maria or stay in maison location espagne to chill out. There are wonderful restaurants for your feasting delight and rooftop pools that give you a picturesque view of the natural landscape surroundings.

You can also choose to stay at hostels with one located right at Los Arcos train station for your traveling convenience although it is a bit out from Jimena.

Things to do

Staying at Jimena offers you many interesting activities to take on for a great adventure holiday. Further 23km along its A369 highway, you can enjoy a 16km climb across cork oak woods and olive groves before coming out to Gaucin which is a mountain village offering spectacular views of the Gibraltar as well as the Moroccan coast when the day is very clear.

You can do a day trip to Gaucín and visit its charming Nacional fonda which is now closed after 125 years of business. It still serves delicious meals with lots of history exuding from it.

It is possible to reach Gaucin by bus or walk up 13km from the train station previously known as El Colmenar. It is located just at the edge of the nature reserve of Cortés. You can rest along your hike at the several bars, hostal and restaurants available with taxi rides arranged at the hostal to take your back to town.

You can get to other parts of Spain from Jimena or Gaucín by train like making a trip to Ronda while passing by quaint tiny villages to visit some of its more prehistoric sites.

Hiking adventure

Jimena is delightfully located for many hiking adventures for the tourists who would like to see more of the countryside on foot at their own leisure. The atmosphere is a great motivator for these hikes with its cool air and lovely sunshine.

Spain is one of Western Europe’s largest countries with plenty of space and natural landscapes that are breathtakingly beautiful and suitable for viewing on foot. You will find plenty of natural beauty like the mountains with the Pyrenees right here. It is Europe’s biggest and longest mountain chains at 270 miles.

About the author :-

Club Villamar offers many holiday villas dispersed all over maison location espagne and whether on the location catalogne. Holiday in Spain offers not only freedom but also a wide choice a vacation holiday in villa tossa.  And here you can also read my other Articles Brett Kurtis Article and also read my Blogs Brett Kurtis Blog 1, Brett Kurtis Blog 2.

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High in Many Passions at Jerez de la Frontera

The town Jerez de la Frontera is located inwards of Sevilla; it is renowned for the sherry it produces and the Spanish brandy. Jerez is quite a prosperous town with some elegance; it is surrounded by wine bodegas and interesting sights in between to fill your holiday time here.

Famous events

Life is slow and easy until the town celebrates its big festivals; namely the May Horse Fair and the vintage harvest.

There is also the traditionally rich culture with many interesting places location vacances espagne and famous flamenco dances which are part of the intriguing Andalucían folk art. You are able to experience the traditional flamenco dance anywhere in Jerez.

One of the more renowned activities while at Jerez is the wine tasting or production experience. There are plenty of sherry and brandy tours which you can participate in to visit the wine bodegas that can showcase the interesting wine processing.

Jerez is very famous for producing its local sherry and brandy. These were mainly founded by the British Catholic refugees who were not allowed work during the 16th century Supremacy Act. Now, with their affluent business, they have evolved to an aristocracy class wearing Anglo-Andalucian tweed and playing polo at Horse Fairs.

The oldest soleras or wine cellars are the Gonzalez; although they are not used today, they preserved an old chamber circular in shape which was designed by Eiffel (the same one that designed the famed Eiffel tower).

Building attractions

There are many interesting old buildings that are also very attractive in Jerez. One of the most attractive is the San Salvador Cathedral that stands imposingly in Gothic-Renaissance architecture. There is also the grand 11th century Alcazar of Moorish architecture which is open to the public on a daily basis with a small charge.

The Archeological Museum is a worthwhile visit to view its excellent collection of historical artifacts. There you will find star exhibits like a 7th century BC military helmet belonging to the Greeks, a sarcophagus belonging to the Visigothic and a fine bottle vase from Caliphal.

Other Passions

Horses are part of Jerez's high passion with the presence of the Royal Andalucian School on Equestrian Art. You can join in the artistic musical performances with the locals who have a passion for music and theatres. Musical performances are available at noon hours with trainings and rehearsals in between.

Another passion at Jerez for both the locals and tourists has to be the tasty local fare. There are plenty of eating places and tapas bars everywhere with reasonable prices.

About the author :-

For All the seasons location vacances espagne provides for thousands of vacationers choose to Spend their holidays in villas lloret de mar and one of our beautiful location villa javea. And here you can also read my other Articles Brett Kurtis Article and also read my Blogs Brett Kurtis Blog 1, Brett Kurtis Blog 2.

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