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September 29th, 2011

Discover Alaior

Alaior is the third largest urban township of Menorca, located on the Western Central region of the Balearic Island of Menorca. The good old days are still alive and well in Alaior, to stimulate the mind and soul, with the townís pleasant and magical prehistoric tangle of narrow streets, location espagne piscine, boarded by bright whitewashed buildings set beneath the imposing church of Santa Eulŗlia. An ideal season to knock at Alaiorís doors is during the second weekend of August, in the Festa de Sant LlorenÁ, an annual event in honour of Saint Lawrence. In the summer, Alaior also hosts a broad spectrum of fascinating art galleries in music and dances on the courtyard of an old convent, whose name has since changed to Sa Lluna.

The Alaior town of Menorca is documented around the world for serving a full range of richly textured delicious cheese for ages. The entirely generic product is processed from pasteurized cow and goat milk with a trace of ewe's milk for flavouring. The cheese is put up for sale at different phase of maturity. However, despite the fact that it may be pricey, it is praiseworthy a try for any traveller visiting the magnificent town of Alaior.

Also available is a wide array of accommodation and lodging amenities, to suit all budgets. There are numerous hotel facilities in the same locality which are well- staffed with well-trained hospitality professionals to offer the ultimate, unbeatable indoor experience for a relaxing holiday. The town is located on an island and visitors have an equal share of experience when it comes to what the alluring sun-kissed sandy shores, warm crystalline azure waters and the vast beach horizons have to offer in terms of outdoor fun and recreational activities.

Out of Spainís melting pot blossoms an inventive cuisine, bursting with flavour and one that transforms Alaior to a culinary hot spot. With very simple recipes, the Minorcan cuisine has fantastic results. This has everything from appetizers to desserts. The exquisite Minorcan cooking habits not only get your tongue tingling, but have also constituted to a healthier Minorcan cuisine, making the dishes good for your well being.

In geographical range with Alaior are other magnificent tourist attractions. The Sala Municipal DíArt Contemporani Museum offers an enticing and seamless unmatched fusion of history and culture, where various artefacts chronicle the Roman history of the Island. Son Bou is Menorca's longest beach stretching for up to three kilometres out into the blue sea. It features white sandy alluring shores and cool clear waters. For the adventurous or those who crave more than just laying in the sun, the beaches present an assortment of recreational outlets in form of beach volleyball and water sports, for one and all.

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Andratx is an excellent holiday resort

Andratx is an excellent holiday resort, located southwest of Balearic island of Mallorca in Spain. The best way to reach this town is to avail a bus. Most of the visitors travel that way because itís a convenient option. The town of Andratx is silent and calm in nature. That makes it peaceful and relaxing, for spending good times in the town.

These days, Spanish tourism authorities are focusing on this town. They are planning to expand it so that there is more tourism to this place. Presently, the place is small and fascinating for the visitors. It has many restaurants and cafes. The most famous restaurant in the area is Na Carogola and itís famous for some delicious seafood and lovely sitting options.

There are few staying options available in Andratx. The hotels are excellent in a way that some of them offer sea views to the visitors during the stay. That makes the journey of tourists double exciting place like location maison en espagne, because of the wonderful stay. One of the famous places for staying in this context is Hostal Dragonena. It has neat and clean rooms, which are great for occupancy.

Another great hotel in the town is Mon Port Hotel and Spa. The most attractive thing about this hotel is that it is located in the harbor of Andratx. Mountains surround the place, which makes the hotel excellent for picturesque views. People that stay at this hotel have memorable times, because it is unique, elegant and stylish in all aspects.

Many people visit Andratx from different parts of Europe every year. Many of them love to stay at Aparthotel La Pergola in Andratx. This hotel in the town has a very peaceful atmosphere that makes your stay quite enjoyable. It has outdoor swimming pools near the beaches. People enjoy and relax at these pools, enjoying the Mediterranean climate and sunshine most of the times. At the same hotel there is an indoor pool too, which is very much comfortable for the guests.

A good number of people travel from Andratx to Saint Elm. The reason being it is not much far away from Andratx and buses frequently take the visitors to that place in all seasons. Visitors usually enjoy boating and harbor at Saint Elm, and they come back to Andratx if they are staying there. It is a whole idea of a perfect vacation, when people spend times at Andratx in Spain.

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To rent a holiday villa in the Spain just browse villas costa blanca, villa lloret and location maison en espagne of Club Villamar.  And here you can also read my other Articles Brett Kurtis Article 1, Brett Kurtis Article 2 and also read my Bookmarking Brett Kurtis Bookmarking.

Por brettkurtis - September 29th, 2011, 5:50, Category: Travel
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