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Teguise - A Tourist Destination

Teguise is the previous capital of Lanzarote Island. It is situated inside of a volcano area that was created from the river and craters of lava. Teguise’s history can easily be witnessed in the old part of town, ´maison espagne´, whether there are old white houses and innovative architecture. You will most definitely see the work of the famous architect Manrique such as the architect’s former house and cactus gardens. There is also the Manrqieu foundation in the Taro area which is also a former home for this brilliant architect. Right now, it is home to a huge collection of modern art. The cactus gardens opened during 1990 and were the architect’s last accomplishment. It consists of botanical gardens with over 1,500 different types of cactus surrounded by original rocks.

The coast is one of the most visited destinations by tourists and is the most urban area in the island. It has different hotels and hostels, apartment rentals, restaurants, and bars. One of the most popular beaches is Las Cucharas, due to its excellent condition to enjoy water sports especially windsurfing. There is also Famara beach in the east, which is known to be a frequently visited location for surfers. There are also interesting towns you have to explore such as Haria, a town located inside of mountains, north of Teguise. Around the coast, you will find a volcanic tunnel Jameos Agua which is connected with the Cueva Verdes and the Mirador viewpoint.

Other important locations that are worth visiting is Tinajo, which is Mancha Blanca’s sanctuary. Mancha Blanca is the Dolores Virgin which is the patron’s island. Another important site is the Bartolome which reflects of Teguise’s culture. There is also the national park Timafaya which is located on the south part of the island and showcases real volcanic shows. You can also enjoy a visit to the Volcanoes route which is surrounded by the Natural Volcano Reserve. Don’t worry that it is unsafe in any manner, as there are skilled tour guides and you can even clearly see these places from a bus.

Don’t forget to try the local cuisine before you leave such as the traditional pork ranchos, boiled salt potatoes arrugadas, and all the sauces. The sea food is also delicious with stewed or roasted fish, sea bass, shell fish, shrimps, and lobsters. The most important thing is for you to enjoy this trip and have as much fun as you can.

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