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Las Médulas in Spain

Spain has a lot of tourist attractions that are not necessarily the common ones such as those that depict the natural beauty of the country. It is located in the El Bierzo region of Spain which can be easily accessed by a variety of transport vehicles and there is plenty of accommodation that surrounds the tourist site as well. The Las Medulas is a gold mine that was put up during the reign of the Romans and is an exceptional innovation that show cased the extent to which the Roman technology had advanced in that era.

The landscape of the Las Medulas has been recognized by UNESCO making it one of the sites that most tourists want to visit locations vacances espagne so as to have a personal experience at the tourist site. The mining technique that was used by the Romans was a very unique one which was known as the hydraulic mining.

The mining technique resulted in the changing of the whole landscape in the area which is a great sight to behold for most tourists who visit the area. The artificial plains that can be seen in the area were formed by the wastes from the gold mines and the lakes came about from the water bodies that were used to wash the gold in the times that gold was still being mined actively.

Nevertheless, there is no longer any gold mining that goes on at the mines since it was awarded the status of a world recognized site that will definitely attract tourists, which is much safer than the mining that was done earlier at the mine. The tourists are allowed to see the effects of the industrial activity that went on in ancient times.

Another sight to behold at the Las Medulas is the chestnut trees that were also planted by the Romans and still exist to this day and create a great contrast with the mountains that are formed in the background that look rough and chiseled.

Majority of the tourist companies that operate in this area have guides who are well versed in the historical knowledge of Las Medulas and are able to give accurate accounts of how this breathtaking attraction came to be.

It is important to book a tourist guide early due to the popularity of the area by visiting tourists who want to have a taste of this rare type of world heritage that has been recognized around the world.

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