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Marbella in Spain

Holidays in Spain are becoming more popular with both the affluent and the average income earners who flock to the town regularly while looking for a good time. Marbella is such a resort that guarantees quality service as well as excellent food to their visitors who are visiting there for the first time.  The resort is stylish with excellent bars as well as a restaurants and everything is more expensive than the usual price that one is used to.

It caters to affluent customers who enjoy their privacy such as famous celebrities as well as wealthy people. It is possible to see the marina which is likely to have cruise ships, location villas, mega yachts among other boats which are usually docked at the harbor. Other facilities that can be found on this exclusive marina are golf courses as a way to satisfy those who love the sport of golf.

Tourists looking to protect their privacy can rent out the private estates as well as luxury hotels that are concentrated in this part of Spain. There is a tennis tournament known as the Andalucía Experience which is held on this beautiful part of Spain that attracts celebrities as well; it is played on red clay.

Reaching Marbella is possible by air due to its proximity to the Malaga airport but the only other available transport that is used to be able to experience the surrounding areas is bus. There are various sights that one is able to experience when they are in Marbella such as the Arabian wall, the Bosnian museum, the city centre as well as the oldest church in the Marbella area.

The number of celebrities that choose to take a vacation in Marbella is increasing day by day because of the escape it offers them from their regular life. The facilities that are available for them cater to their every need and still offer exclusivity as well. A visit to this city will expose you to the varieties of posh lifestyles that celebrities enjoy and an opportunity to interact with them easily.

Overall, it is one of the most important resorts for tourists that allow them to explore the city without the hustle of being branded a wealthy person or a celebrity on the streets of Marbella. This magnificent location also has sea food restaurants that might be a pricey but still give quality services as well.

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Por brettkurtis - September 6th, 2011, 5:05, Category: Travel
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