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Playa De Las Americas Tenerife

Playa de las Americas is a popular tourist destination and is particularly visited by those who love the warmth of the sun since it is one place that experiences more sunny days as compared to cold ones. In total, the rocky coastal region has 320 days of warm sunshine every single year and tourists visit location villa piscine therefore have the chance to bask and engage in the many activities the place has to offer.

There are plenty of beaches in the area and needless to say that this is where most tourists spend their time while in Tenerife. The sea laps gently and is therefore ideal for swimming and it also adapts well with other water sports such as jet skiing and motor boating among others. Visitors who are more adventurous can also take some part in scuba diving having the opportunity of having a sight at the marine life with the help of local operators.

Playa de las Americas has lots of resorts and even though they can seem to be too busy and with lots of activities, most of them have quiet spots which are exclusive to those who need some time away from all the fun life. The tourist infrastructure is well developed making it quite easy to move around the regions hence the chance to explore more of what the island has to offer.

Apart from all the fun in the beautiful beaches all year long, other attractions that are worth checking out while here include the animal park Parques Exoticas and a banana farm full of exhibitions on the fruit which is locally grown. The banana farm goes by the name Jardine del Antlantico Bananera. The farm is especially a good place to get away from the addictive fun life in the wondrous beaches of Playa de las Americas.

On deciding that this is the perfect place to spend some time during a vacation, it is good to plan ahead as Spain also has plenty of other destinations that one can take a look or spend some time in. There are lots of attractions and festivals to get involved in while in Spain provided the timing of the travel to the desired destination is well evaluated. Early planning and getting all the details regarding a chosen destination is the best way to ensure that you get only the very best from your trip to Spain.

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Por brettkurtis - September 6th, 2011, 5:06, Category: Travel
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