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Port Cristo in Valencia Spain

Spain has abundance of touristic places that every visitor interested in spending some time in the country will find amazing. From natural to manmade attractions found in the different cities and the towns, location catalogne, Spain has something for everyone. There are also many fun activities and festivals that one can get involved in to add a spice to the vacation in this wonderful country.

Port Cristo is one of the towns that although not very famous have something interesting for those who take the time to explore its grounds. It is located in Valencia on the upper side of the east coast and happens to be the largest and busiest. It is old fashioned and people from cities will find it a great break away from the modern busy life.

This town has two caves that come in sets and are the major attractions here. The caves are popular tourist spots and hold the titles Coves del Drac and Coves des Hams. The former is open in the months of Nov to March most of the day while the latter can be explored within the months of April to October on a daily basis for the better part of the day. The two sets are similar and you will get to enjoy classical musicians who sail around the subterranean lake found here.

It is advisable to visit the caves one at a go as compared to visiting the two at the same time. It should also be noted that the caves can only be visited when guided. Your tour to the caves will therefore have a guide who will take you to the different parts of the caves. Coves del Drac is only a few minutes from the town of Port Cristo and therefore adventure lovers can choose to walk as part of the fun.

When travelling, it helps to get to find out what the weather in the area is. This is important as it helps in deciding what to pack for the vacation and also choosing the best time to get to the town. Depending on what expectations one has from the tour to Spain, the town can be a great place to unwind and forget about the daily hustles even though it can be a little busy. The locals are quite friendly and will definitely make any trip enjoyable and unforgettable hence the town is worth checking out.

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Por brettkurtis - September 6th, 2011, 5:06, Category: Travel
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