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Fun in the Sun at ROTA & CHIPIONA

Rota and Chipiona form two quaint resorts for tourists at Cadiz. Rota is a coastal resort which is only 16km from El Puerto with only one major downside; it is very close to a major US base that is located in Spain since the 1950s.

This was part of an exchange deal between Spain and America for accepting economic aid while being recognized with international “respectability”.

Rota delight

Rota is a delightful resort that has two superb beaches to offer with enough bars, discos and restaurants to keep you delighted on your summer holiday adventures. There should be enough to occupy your time here day or night.

Chipiona Offering

Chipiona on the other hand is even smaller as a seaside maison location espagne holiday resort that attracts more family pensioners. More mature tourists like to frequent Chipiona for the spa water treatments which are available at the Nuestra Señora Regla church fountain.

Whether Rota or Chipiona, it is the sandy soft beaches that draw the crowd every year. The Regla beach, or Playa de Regla, is very packed during the summer. There are interesting sand bars and rocks northeast at Sanlúcar.


It is difficult to get a decent place to stay during the summer if you have not booked in advanced. Every tourist would have the same intention; fun and relaxation in the sun along the soft sandy beaches at Rota or Chipiona. The hotels at the beachside prove most popular with its close proximity to the beach that access is just a stone thrown away.

Another interesting place to stay would be the youth hostels or campsites which are more suitable for the younger generation that loves an adventure anywhere. These sites may be slightly out of the town and hence the beach, but the distance is never an issue with the adventurous or the youth who have the energy to close the distance.

Nevertheless, there are local buses which can take you around quite conveniently.

Perfect Holiday

Your perfect holiday of lounging easily on beautiful sandy beaches would have to be Rota, Chipiona or any part of Spain which offers more than 4000 km coastline for your enjoyment.

There are usually many water sports you can do at the beaches as the Mediterranean weather is always ideal for a great holiday.

It will never be a one time vacation in Spain as you will be easily addicted to its vast and beautiful offerings of beaches, historical sights, culture, tradition and local cuisine.

About the author :-

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Por brettkurtis - September 7th, 2011, 7:36, Category: Travel
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