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The many fascinations at RONDA

Ronda town can seem quite imposing with the large looming mountains surrounding it and location vacances espagne. Its unique location on the sierra’s isolated ridge gives the town a lot of drama with the El Tajo river gorge splitting it. Nevertheless, the river gorge is itself a pure natural spectacle with a 130m straight drop on three of its sides. The river gorge sports an impressive 18th century bridge which is beautifully arched. It is known as the Puente Nuevo. It looks dangerously majestic as many tall whitewashed houses stilt precariously out of its precipitous ledges.


Ronda’s attractions may be very simple but many tourists find them fulfilling. The natural landscape forms much of the breath-taking offering at Ronda via a stroll around the village along the infamous Río Guadalévin.

Although the much beaten donkey tracks seem tedious but they lead through rich and lush green valleys which bring a refreshing feeling to its strollers. Bird lovers would be satisfied with the many species that can be found around Ronda with a keen eye on the lesser kestrels which tend to nest at the mountain cliffs.

Nature lovers will also love Alameda Park which showcases a lot of flora and fauna species. There are opportunities to sight some crag martins at the right spots.

The character of the town itself forms another interesting discovery with its unique language, culture and traditions that will fascinate you.

Ronda Town

Ronda comprises three sections: the northwest contemporary Mercadillo quarter, the ancient Moorish section called Ciudad and the San Francisco suburb further south.

It is the Moorish Ciudad that is most interesting at Ronda where much of its Moorish culture and tradition is practiced today. There are many quaint and unique Moorish style houses with a scattering of fine mansions from the Renaissance era. The layout is a real maze which itself is an interesting discovery as you wander your way around randomly until you come back out to the bridge and main street, the Calle Santo Domingo.

Nearby you will find an 18th century Moorish mansion known as Rey Moro castle with its gardens opened for public viewing. An interesting feature of this mansion is its remarkable Mina or underground stairway which leads down to the river in 365 steps. This guaranteed a constant water supply in spite of sieges although it was cut off by 14th century Christian slaves. If you are able to look out from its viewing balcony, you will see spectacular towering rock walls of Tajo some distance away together with its bird life.

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