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Santa Cruz has strategic value

Santa Cruz is located in Tenerife Spain. It is very modern with great parks, pedestrian streets, museums, churches, residential areas, shopping areas, buildings and pleasant conditions for living Location espagne. There are wide narrow streets for shopping in Santa Cruz and there are many plazas. Visitors enjoy walking at different places in Santa Cruz for the same reasons.

Santa Cruz is famous for many things. It has number of oil refineries and itís a big shipping Port of Spain. Santa Cruz is home to Spanish galleons. Apart from that it has such a great strategic value that itís important for navies, tankers and trawlers. It is economically very sound place which makes it ideal in terms of infrastructure and modern day facilities.

In the 18th century Britain and Spain had war for many years. After four years of war British planned to invade Santa Cruz. They had plenty of reasons for doing that but they failed at the end of the day. Santa Cruz proved harder for the British and it was defended well by the local administration of Santa Cruz. Only few Spanish died in the war while British faced a major set back.

Santa Cruz has great strategic importance. For that it was attacked by Admiral Nelson in 1797. Admiral Nelson lost one of his arms and plenty of men in the battle for Santa Cruz. He failed to capture Santa Cruz and it was a major set back for the British. The main reason for the victory of Santa Cruz administration against the British was the support of weather in that war. That gave plenty of fame to Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is more important strategically and economically rather then for visitors. Mostly Santa Cruz is visited by businessmen from different parts of the world for the same reasons. Since itís an important port, it helps business people to have access to the Spanish markets especially located in the Canary Islands by passing through Santa Cruz.

It is an ideal place for shopping and staying for some time. Santa Cruz is pleasant because it has great atmosphere being located near the sea. It has some great hotels for staying. People can easily afford staying at Santa Cruz because itís not much expensive as far as staying is concerned. Similarly there are great restaurants in Santa Cruz where visitors can enjoy eating during their stay.

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