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Bilbao the beauty of Spain

Bilabo is one of the cities of Spain which has witnessed great economic advancement. It is an industrialized city as well as location villa piscine the centre of attraction for tourists. The city has long history dating back to year 1300. This was essentially a village engaged in fishing activity. Now it is transformed into a very advanced metropolis. The city has breathtaking natural beauty and some of the historic buildings and some renowned museums. Some of the places of tourist interest are briefly discussed here:

De Begona Basilica:

The basilica is known for its matchless architectural excellence. Interestingly, when the basilica was under construction it suffered heavy damage. This damage was caused during the Carlists war fought during the 19th century. After the war, the basilica was reconstructed and it took almost 1 century to complete this building.

Guggenheim museum:

This museum can be said to be one of the greatest contribution of the modern era to the tourists of Spain. It was Frank Gehry who designed this museum. Initially when the construction of this museum was conceived, there were loud protests from various public groups and organization. They protested against the expenditure incurred in the construction of the museum, which they claimed unreasonable. But, now this museum has been acclaimed as one of the best museums of Spain. The design of the building is extremely beautiful; the entire building has been constructed using titanium, glass and limestone. At the entrance you will find beautiful flowers carved in stone. Apart from this, the beautiful sculpture of a dog is at the entrance. Most of the portions of the building have become operational and the remaining portion is expected to become operational in due course. Some of the rare collection of painting by renowned artists and sculpture works are now on display at this museum.

San Nicolas:

This church is most popular amongst sailors of Spain. It is said that San Nicolas who was a saint is the patron among the sailors from Spain. Apart from sailors even commoners visit this church regularly. This church is believed to have been built in 1756.

Town hall:

The town hall is the best example of architecture belonging to neo baroque period. It is said that Joaquin Rucoba, one of the renowned architects of the period designed and built this built in the year 1892. The town hall has been built in the backdrop of the famous river. This has been a centre of attraction among tourists.

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