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Most interesting tourist spot of Spain Corboda

Corboda is also a heaven for the tourists. Corboda is the home for many buildings of historical and architectural importance. The city belongs to Andalusia province. Apart from the places of interest like location catalogne, this city has a rich heritage of its own. This was a popular city even during Roman period and the city has retained its popularity even now. Corboda has been the birth place for many poets, orators and persons of eminence and many of these great personalities have international repute.

Medina Azahara:

This palace was built as per the desire of Calph Abd al-Rahman III. The palace came to light only when the archeologists excavated a site in 1911. According to the available historical records the construction of this palace was completed in 25 years. This is an extremely beautiful structure with extraordinary works in the arches and columns which are made of marbles. The marbles are of red colors and blue colors. Many precious crystals have been presented at appropriate places. Fruits and vegetables have been grown all around the palace. The interiors of the palace are decorated with precious crystals. The other interesting feature of this palace is the fountain mercury and this is also called liquid mirror. The interior of the palace is also decorated with rare works of arts.


This is one of the largest mosque of Spain covering over an area of 24000 sq meters. The mosque is located in the central part of Corboda. Historians say the mosque was built during the Roman period and it has been built using some of the materials used by Romans. The columns in this mosque has 856 pillars and these pillars have been decorated  with precious stones like marbles, red and white jasper, granite and many other precious materials and it is built on a mosque constructed during the Roman period. An estimated 150,000 tourists visit this mosque year and this speaks of the popularity of this mosque.

San Miguel:

It is believed that King Ferdinand III built this church during the 13th century. Historians say this king has built 12 churches and San Miguel is one of the churches built by the king. The church is the best example of Roman and Gothic Architecture. In the year 1749, the interior of the church was renovated. The interior was redesigned to include two aisles and a nave. It has polygonal apses. The nave has been designed with ceiling which has coffered appearance.

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