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The right day to visit Figueres is Thursday

Spain is a country with ancient as well as modern cities and towns. There are densely populated areas in Spain as well as scarcely populated areas. The country is full of natural beauty having mountains, location espagne piscine, cliffs, coves and rivers. It has sandy beaches with pleasant atmosphere and cool environment that can be enjoyed by families.

There are many places of tourist attraction in Spain. Figueres is one of such places and itís considered as a tourist heaven. This town only has 30 thousand inhabitants. That means itís not much crowded and it has a decent population according to its size.

The town of Figueres is not much far away from Barcelona. Barcelona is the second most important city of Spain after its capital. It is among the top rated cities of the world for many reasons. It has great tourism as plenty of people visit Barcelona every year. Barcelona is historical as well as modern and itís a great place to be visited frequently.

Anyone can reach Figueres in about 100 minutes from Barcelona by availing a bus. The road to the Figueres is awesome and the journey is comfortable. The town can be enjoyed the whole day and the traveler can come back in the evening if not willing to stay in the town of Figueres. However there are excellent staying places available for travelers in the town.

The right day to visit Figueres is Thursday. The reason is that there is a large open air market on that day. That is held in the main square of the town of Figueres. That open air market is famous especially among the travelers because they can find local products of the town as well as all kinds of crafts there. Such things become memorable for the times to come.

Figueres is a special place of interest for the history lovers. It has a wonderful museum that is amusing for all kinds of visitors to the city. There was a Jewish quarter in the town also. Jews started settling in the town in the 13th century. Now that part of the city is considered old and itís named as Magre Street.

Figueres is not much expensive. People enjoy quality living and food at the town at very much affordable rates. The best transportation in the town includes buses and trains. However things can be explored by foot also.

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