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There are forty seven airports in Spain

Spain is one of the top most visited countries of the world. There are many reasons for that. It is a country full of natural attraction places, historical monuments and modern infrastructure that can facilitate people in all possible ways. The communication network, roads network and air network of Spain is wonderful and is nothing less than those present in any other modern country of the world.

When it comes to the air travel network of Spain, it has 47 airports and heliports, some of which are under construction as well. They are present in different parts of the country and they are great facilitation for the international as well as domestic travelers to Spain. They are a gateway to some of the world’s leading tourist destinations that are present in Location espagne.

Millions of people belonging to different parts of the world use the Spanish airports every year. An estimate shows that around 187 million people traveled through Spanish airports in the year 2009. That number declined because of the recession in 2010. However, the figure is still big and more than 100 million people will be expected users of Spanish airports by the end of this year.

The facilities on the Spanish airports are awesome. All the modern day facilities are available on most of these airports. The staff recruited on the airports is very cooperative with the visitors, irrespective of their nationality, race and color. When it comes to the airport traffic, then Madrid’s Barajas Airport is on top in the country. Almost 1/4th of the country’s total travelers use that airport every year. After this airport, the ones at Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Gran Canaria are having the most visitors in the country.

Things do not end up here, because there will be many more airports in the country in coming years. The reason is that there is always increase in the visitors to Spain because Spanish tourism authorities are very active in most parts of the country. They have preserved historical things well and are constructing many new things that can be of interests to visitors.

There have been recent developments at many airports of Spain and few terminals are under construction at most of them. For a country like Spain, 47 airports are sufficient; but more will be good for the future times to come. The reason is that they will be helpful in dealing with the increasing number of visitors to Spain.

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